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Week 5 Story - 800 Tales to Fall in Love

Art by Lisa Parfenova: Source
Source: Arabian Nights
Author: Andrew Lang
Link:HereIt's her demeanor that unsettles the sultan first.

Usually the women he marries come to him with fear visible in their painted eyes, and terror audible as their painted lips quiver with fear. But Scheherazade arrives calm, pleasant, and tender as he takes her to bed. The next morning it's her voice that wakes him, hushed as the sun weakly filters through the lingering dark of the night as day barely arrives.

He lays in bed and listens. When she stops, Shahryar finally rouses and asks her to finish. But Scheherazade calmly points out that the world doesn't wait, not even for a Sultan, and there is truth in her words. When she asks to live another day to finish the story, Shahryar doesn't hesitate to grant her another day, and as he walks down the halls to where his court waits, only then does he realize that the decision came as easily as water fills an empty cup. However, he feels …

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